Weekend Movie Guide

The Lost City of Z—4 Stars—Epic based on explorer Percy Fawcett and his obsession with the Amazon and his theory of an ancient civilization.  Stunning.

Paterson—4 Stars—Delightful musing on love and work and art and beauty through the eyes of Paterson, New Jersey bus driver Adam Driver.

Their Finest—3 1/2 Stars—Charming coming of age story of a young woman hired to write dialog for British propaganda films during the 1940 blitz.

Get Out—3 1/2 Stars—Comic Jordan Peele directs this breakthrough comedy/horror/satire about a Black kid’s visit to his white girlfriend’s secluded home.

Lego Batman Movie—3 1/2 Stars—Animated comedy based on the Batman character—hilarious from the first frame onward.

I am not your Negro—3 Stars—James Baldwin’s haunting writings brought to life with the voice of Samuel Jackson.

Hidden Figures—3 Stars—Great story of three brilliant black women in the space program fighting racial and gender discrimination while keeping John Glenn aloft.

Gifted—2 1/2 Stars—Child custody battle over 6 year old math prodigy Mickenna Graces.  She’s cute, the movie’s not quite as cute as it thinks.

Going in Style—2 1/2 Stars—Surprisingly pleasant remake of 1979 George Burns comedy, with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin as elderly bank robbers.

Free Fire—2 Stars—Arms deal goes bad—boy does it ever—setting off 90 minutes of cartoon violence, gallows humor, death and a surprise ending.  Cool but violent.

Colossal—2 Stars—Overpraised Anne Hathaway fantasy/romance.  She returns to her home town, meets Jason Sudeikis, and connects with a Godzilla monster.

The Zookeeper’s Wife—2 Stars—A Warsaw family uses their zoo to protect Jewish refugees during the Nazi reign.   Falls short of better Holocaust stories.

The Promise—1 Star—Clunky tone deaf war epic romance set against the Armenian genocide of World War One.  Bad dialog, poor acting, and a way too long script.

The Circle—Zero—Emma Watson can’t carry this cliche ridden tale of a Facebook style company’s goal to take over the world.

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